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Fanucchi Vineyards refuses to fit nicely in the "standard" mold, timetable, or any category common to "the wine trade"; vintage-to-vintage the aim is to consistently craft balanced flavorful wine from unique, sustainably tended grapes...


Simply, Great Wine  -  Fanucchi Vineyards!


A Toast . . .

It is my deepest hope & prayer that all who taste my wines experience a treat to the senses adding that “something special” to a great meal or time spent with family and friends.
Peter Fanucchi
Vine Master / Wine Grower, Proprietor & All Hats!!


Dear Friends Old & New,

Welcome to the new website! In contrast to what some describe as an independent maverick style in the vineyard, I’ve been blessed by the generous help of good friends for its extreme makeover and hope you enjoy it.  While many of you have expressed your enjoyment of the “reams” of detail that I had provided on my prior site, we have decided to streamline things a bit and create a site that is more user friendly.  Although I will depart from the practice of providing copious details via my site make no mistake I am still willing to give you as much detail as you want by asking me personally at or on one of the wine/social networks.   I very much look forward to visiting with you.

For those of you new to my wines, I currently focus on crafting only two very special wines from a select portion of the grapes I personally tend.  Between the two wines I’ve averaged less than 1,000 cases per year under the Fanucchi Vineyards label since 1992.  Much of my success is rooted in my personal attention to each vine, and in my willingness to try extremely creative non-conventional practices that symbiotically benefit the vines, and their environment.  With that passion and faith I’ve preserved, on our highly sought after tiny bench, a special selection of Zinfandel planted near the end of the 18th century and a very rare, naturally refreshing, aromatic, and flavorful, white-wine grape called Trousseau Gris.  Both are special treats for the senses!!

Thank you for visiting and Benvenuto!


Fanucchi Vineyards (Century+) Old Vine Zinfandel and Trousseau Gris; an American Heritage!


Fanucchi Vineyards preserving the best of the old, the rare, hidden treasures! Fanucchi Vineyards 2005 Old Vine Zinfandel with peaches and blackberries.


The only guaranteed source for Fanucchi Vineyards wine is directly from us via this site. 

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